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Product Information:


• 3 in 1 support for iPhone, the newest portals like TYPE-C and all models with Micro USB cable.

• Fully supports iPhone and Android charging.

• The problem of cable tangled with special materials.

• Can be used with charging. Constant power supply

• Sturdy, durable material Built-in aluminum housing for protection.

• Charging accessories such as Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers and other Micro port products.

• Designed by Earldom from Hong Kong. Technical specifications Charger: 1200 mm. Can be used to charge a wide range of applications. Earplug 3 in 1 iPhone + Micro USB + TYPE-C Package New Change the box to white and blue. (Yellow) Warranty 1 month warranty under the terms of your claim

Universal 3 in 1 Multi USB Charging Cable Lead For All Phone Earldom Charger

SKU: 6971410551427
Only 5 left in stock
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