LG Phone - Any Model

LG Phone - Any Model

SKU: 2018-50

Note: Please Read All The Decription Carefully.

This service is for factory unlocking of all your LG models. Please use this for all LG UK network model including new models. Code works 99% but this Code may not work in your phone if any of following reason is:

If the block counters or custom rom are finished, please check before purchase If you agree Please process. 


After you get the code:

Once you have received the unlock code from us, insert your desired  sim card network in to the phone. Then the phone should ask you the unlock code in the pop up menu, just enter the code and your phone should be unlocked.


LG Network Unlock COdes will be Provided. Press 2945#*Model No # like if phone is LG 360 Enter 2945#*360# Or 2945#*71001#


Service may be off on weekend. So if you want codes faster please apply in Fast Service.


If it dosent accept the code then recheck the code that you are enterning, if its stil not accepting then contact us we will help you out. DO NOT TRY MORE THEN 5 TIMES


Service Delivery Times

Estimated Service Return Time » within 3 Days

Average Return Time » 
0 Days, 01 Hours, 18 Minutes, 54 Seconds


Please include these details in the message:
Name: ………., E-mail address: ………., Model: ………., IMEI No: ………., Contact number: ……….,


    There is NO REFUND If the phone that cannot be unlocked for any reason or if the service/servers are down.