Terms & Conditions:


1. 28 days checking guarantee with any repairs, new or used gadgets. We are only responsible for repair you bring into our store. We do not provide any guarantee on repairs for LIQUID DAMAGE GADGETS or if the gadget has been opened previously or accidental damage, please check your gadget before you leave our store.


2. Any gadgets LCD repair or any other repair service does not cover for any accidental damages or cracks afterwards. Please check your gadgets before you leave our store.


3. Brand new gadgets come with manufacture guarantee, please contact your manufacturer for any issues.


4. Please collect your gadgets within 28 days. After 28 days no claims will be entertained & YOUR GADGETS CAN BE SOLD TO RECOVER THE COST OF THE REPAIR IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID.


5. All gadgets are checked in store at owner’s risk and we accept no responsibility if the gadget dies or gets damaged after or during the repair and unlocking.


6. We do not provide any refunds on our accessories however we can change/exchange them within 14 days. No refunds can be claimed.


7. We are not responsible for any Accessories, SIM, Memory card, contact, message, photos, songs, apps or videos etc, when you leave your gadgets for unlocking, repair or software updates. You may lose this during the repair or unlocking process. All repairs are done at the owner’s risk. Please back up your data before handing it into us.


8. There may be a £30/- service/checking charge for some gadget repairs if we cannot fix it or if the customer has withdrawn from any repair. 


9. Your receipt is proof of your Purchase/Repair please keep it safe.


10. There is NO REFUND If the phone that cannot be unlocked for any reason or if the service is down.



11. International orders: We are not responsible for any customs fees or shipper’s fees you will incur or for delays because of customs. We list items as per the description and we cannot change the value of the product shipped. We have no way of knowing if you will incur a customs fee or not. If you do we are not responsible and you will not be reimbursed. You must read the policies before ordering you will not be refunded or reimbursed. We cannot track packages shipped internationally once it leaves the UK, we are not responsible for packages shipped to international addresses. For any issues but not limited to lost/damaged/missing or delayed orders you will need to contact the postal services as once the item leaves our premises then it’s out of our hands. By continuing to purchase the item you agree to these terms and or notice.


12. In the store, our card payments are processed at the rate for 2.75%. This applies to all type of cards.

13. By buying/giving your device for your repair you have agreed to the above Terms & Conditions.