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Before using the Website, please take the time to thoroughly read these Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy and Cookie policy.

Website Support:

Our terms and conditions are detailed on this page. Visit our website's Help area for a wealth of valuable information on orders, returns, and shipping, as well as answers to some of our commonly asked issues.


Detailed Information On

Baidya Group LTD is the owner and operator of this website( An English and Welsh firm called Baidya Group LTD was established (no. 14442840). We can be reached at 4 Lord Street, Wrexham, LL11 1LG, United Kingdom.



Price - 

The product's price and applicable VAT are included in the current pricing. We only provide free delivery to the UK. We don't deliver internationally. Although we make every effort to provide accurate pricing and availability information, occasionally a product in our catalogue may have an incorrect price or inaccurate availability information. Our website is updated as frequently as we can.

Accepted methods of payment -
Most popular credit and debit cards are accepted for payment. When ordering the item, all you need to do to pay with a credit or debit card is provide the card number, expiration date, and card security number. Before the product is shipped out of our warehouse, the cost of your order won't be deducted from your account. We are unable to charge your card for an amount that is higher than what you authorised at the time of purchase. Our top priority is always keeping you safe.

For security details, please take a look at our Security Policy.


Strong Customer Authentication:


What is payment authentication?

  • Payment authentication, often known as 3-D Secure, is a method of payment that enables merchants to verify the customer's identity and reduce the risk of card fraud.

Whats Latest?

  • At checkout, customers must agree to the transaction in accordance with the new regulations. They can do it by entering a code they received through text message or scanning their fingerprint on their smartphone's bank app. This is the most effective technique for the bank to confirm that the person attempting to make the online payment is actually the credit card holder.

For further information, who should I speak with?

  • You should receive information regarding the payment authentication process from your card issuers. The procedure for payment authentication is outside our control. If you run into issues during the authentication procedure, kindly get in touch with your card's issuer immediately.



  • Euro card/MasterCard

  • Maestro Card

  • VISA / VISA Electron

  • JCB

  • Diners Club Card

  • American Express Card

  • PayPal

  • Apple Pay

  • Others

The amount will automatically display on your next report from the card issuer when you make a purchase using a MasterCard, Euro Card, or Diners Club Card, just like it does when you use the credit card elsewhere. Please be aware that if you place a purchase from outside the UK, your credit card company may also charge you a specific payment fee in addition to a currency conversion cost (as stated in the step 3 of the payment process).

Orders placed by minors (those under the age of 18) require the approval of a parent or legal guardian. A parent or legal guardian must grant their approval before a minor can divulge any information. When a minor places an order, the cardholder must always be on hand to give information or permission.


You can use PayPal to pay for your order, but keep in mind that before the goods are shipped from our warehouse, the payment must be registered on our account. The payment may take up to 3 working days to appear on our account (although it usually does not take more than a day). If you place an order from outside the UK, Pay Pal may charge you a currency conversion fee in addition to a specific payment fee (as stated in the step 3 of the payment process).

Orders placed by minors (those under 18) must have a parent's or legal guardian's approval. A juvenile must have parental or legal guardian approval before disclosing any information. When a minor places an order, the cardholder must be on hand at all times to give information or consent.


Businesses and institutions can apply to open an account with us. After a shared account has been established, all employees of the business can make purchases (Make sure you state the same phone number for each order). We reserve the right to reject any application without giving a reason. Once the order is shipped, the business will receive the invoice along with the goods, and the payment deadline is 8 working days after that (if not stated or agreed otherwise). A fee that is detailed on our website will also be applied to this kind of payment.​


You will receive an email from us including the total price and our account details after sending us a list of the desired products (defined product numbers and quantities, as well as delivery information). Your full name and your order number (if provided by us) must be included as the reference if you are paying via bank transfer. If you don't, we won't be able to match your order to your payment, which will cause a delay in processing your transaction.

Our bank account information is given below:

Baidya Group LTD.

HSBC BANK | SORT CODE: 40-18-00 | ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40828750

Please be aware that you may be charged by your bank for this service; therefore, bank costs must be factored into the payment. Your order will be processed and your products shipped after the payment has cleared completely, which could take up to 10 working days. Orders placed by minors (those under the age of 18) require the approval of a parent or legal guardian. A parent or legal guardian must grant their approval before a minor can divulge any information.


There are two ways to place an order:

1. You can use our website to accomplish this.
These are the steps to making an order through our website:

  • Place the items you wish to purchase in the basket.

  • Visit your basket.

  • Choose the "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" link (ordering step 1)

  • Enter your personal information (ordering step 2)

  • Choose a shipping and payment method (ordering step 3)

  • Verify and consent to the terms (ordering step 4)

  • Before moving on to step 5, if you decided to pay with a credit or debit card, you will be directed to a secure page to enter your payment information.

  • Order confirmation is sent to you (ordering step 5)

An order confirmation will be delivered to the mailing address you specified in ordering step 2 after you've finished the checkout procedure. Send an email to or give our support department a call at 01978 230061 if you have not received confirmation within an hour. They will check it out for you. Of course, checking with your bank first would be the safest course of action. You may be sure that you do not have a pending order with if they certify that there is no amount ready to be deducted from your card.


Send an email to to contact our customer care. Details about prices can be found under Prices and Payment Methods.


Order has not been sent out:

You must inform of your decision to cancel an order before it is shipped by getting in touch with our Customer Care team through phone, chat, email, or in-person. To ensure the order is stopped in time if it is ready for shipping, we suggest contacting our live help.

Order was sent, however it was never received:

You have the unrestricted right to return any item you've purchased. You will have to decline to take delivery of the goods if you decide to do this even before you receive the items has given you. When we receive the item(s), we will get in touch with you to set up a full refund.

Order is delivered and obtained:

According to the guidance requirements in the Consumer Protection Regulations (DSRs) and Electronic Commerce Regulations, you are permitted to cancel your order no later than 7 working days after the delivery has been made (ECRs).

You must notify in writing, either by email, post, or through our Live Chat service, if you desire to cancel your order. When you receive the goods from, this cannot take place more than 7 working days later.

The following is the procedure for cancelling if you have already received the items or the receipt for them:

To ensure that your return is processed quickly, send us an email before mailing the products back and write down your order number (which you will receive after you place an order) on the package.

Unless the goods are defective, you received the wrong products, or the description was inaccurate, you are responsible for paying the shipping costs to return the items. Please review the Returns Policy listed below.

The only way to use your right of cancellation (buyer's regret) while returning an item is if you send it back in practically the same shape and quantity that you received it in (along with all the components and documentation). As long as you can return it in roughly the same condition and quantity, you may open the package and test the product. Hence, if you use the product in a way that clearly and significantly lowers its market value, the right to cancel the order ends.

You can return the item to the address listed below to cancel the transaction, transfer it to the post office, or refuse to accept delivery of the item:

Baidya Group LTD T/A Mobilapz, 4 Lord Street, Wrexham, LL11 1LG, UK | Email -

We advise you to send your package using a method that offers delivery confirmation or the chance to receive compensation for missing or damaged goods. When it comes to more expensive goods, this is especially crucial. Except for any additional costs incurred as a result of your choice to have your things delivered using a method other than the least expensive form of regular delivery we offer, we will reimburse your shipping costs.

You are in charge of the delivery, and it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is packaged safely when returning the goods.

We advise you to send your package using a method that offers delivery confirmation or the chance to receive compensation for missing or damaged goods. When it comes to more expensive goods, this is especially crucial. Except for any additional costs incurred as a result of your choice to have your things delivered using a method other than the least expensive form of regular delivery we offer, we will reimburse your shipping costs.
You are in charge of the delivery, and it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is packaged safely when returning the goods.


As does not reimburse shipping costs, customers who desire to cancel their orders and return their items must pay for such costs. Before the order is cancelled, it is your responsibility to send the returned goods to the supplier ( If you don't, cancellation won't be feasible, and you can be responsible for the recovery's direct costs.

You will get a bank transfer to your account for the entire amount when you cancel the purchase. Within 30 days of receiving your bank account details, this transfer must be made.


For every product, a delivery date is provided (normally a maximum of two to five workdays). After your order leaves our facility, you'll automatically get an email. Despite our best efforts, you can come across a tiny number of products in our catalogue that are mispriced or have inaccurate availability information, despite the fact that we make every attempt to have accurate pricing and availability information on every product on our website.

Contact customer support as soon as possible to report the loss or delay if, after 10 working days (excluding weekends), you have not received your order. You will be given the following options as soon as we receive a notification:


Every now and then, a package returns to with the designation "Failed Delivery." Usually, it takes place between 10 and 15 working days after delivery, although occasionally it may take longer.

For reasons of delivery failure, The Post provides:

  1. Addressee has gone away

  2. No Answer

  3. Address Incomplete

  4. Address Inaccessible

  5. Addressee unknown

  6. Refused

  7. Not called for

If none of the aforementioned explanations apply to your order, you will be notified by email that a delivery attempt was unsuccessful and, if necessary, you will be asked for a delivery address or a confirmation of the delivery's specifics.

Causes 1 and 2 If the payment is registered, the purchase will be shipped out within 48 to 72 hours of notification and you will be responsible for the expenses of redelivery, unless MyTrendyPhone receives other instructions.

Cause 3-5 After the delivery address is confirmed and the payment is received, the order will be shipped out and you will be charged the expenses of re-delivery.

Note: If the delivery address needs to be changed, please call our Customer Care at 01978 230061 during business hours as soon as you realise the error. You will receive information via email, and the pricing for the second delivery will be the same as it was for the first.

After 10 working days, you can cancel the order or ask for a replacement if the items sent to you are damaged in transit. To accomplish that, get in touch with our Customer Care and get a solution.


When you buy a product from, you have 30 days to cancel the contract. The 30-day window for withdrawals will pass following the day you get your product. The deadline shifts to the moment you receive the final item if your order includes multiple items. If you wish to withdraw from contract you must notify us within 30 days from the receipt of the purchase. You can either email or call us in order to let us know that you wish to to withdraw from contract. In your message, please state clearly that you want to use your right for withdrawal. 

By simply refusing to accept your things and without informing us, you cannot cancel the contract.


After notifying us that you desire to cancel the contract, your order must be returned to us without delay and no later than 30 days. The direct expense of returning the items is on you.

You are in charge of scheduling the delivery and making sure that everything is packaged safely.

Only when the items were handled carelessly during the unpacking process and in a manner unrelated to determining the nature, qualities, and functionality of an item would the customer be held accountable. In other words, you can evaluate the product in a similar manner to how you would if you were to test it out in a physical store. If the product is tested beyond what is mentioned above, we consider it to be used, and depending on the product's commercial value, you may only receive a portion of your money returned. You must follow all retail procedures if you want to get back the entire amount you spent for the item. You can test the product, but not actually use it.

You will, of course, get the full refund of the money you paid us if you opt to break the arrangement. There will be a specific amount subtracted from the total cost in the event that you are accountable for any damage.

If you want to exercise your right to withdraw, we will immediately reimburse all of the money you paid us, and we'll do it within 30 days of the day we got your notice. Unless you have specifically agreed to something otherwise, we will utilise the same payment method that you used for the initial transaction.


Refunds are not applicable to or not valid for:

  • Items made specifically for customers or things that are personalised

  • Items that are sealed for sanitary or health reasons (such as earphones that fit directly in the ear) cannot be returned since the seal has been broken after delivery.

  • Sealed audio or video recordings or computer software which was unsealed.


You cannot exercise your right to complain or your right to return an item if you install the tempered glass wrongly and air bubbles form underneath, or if you discover that you ordered the wrong screen protector after mounting it on a screen. Of course, if the tempered glass was damaged when it was delivered to you or had other flaws when it was received, you have the right to file a complaint. Only when the screen protector has not been utilised is the right of withdrawal applicable.

When we get the merchandise, you will receive an email notification. Information regarding how your withdrawal is being handled in the present will be provided in the email.


If there is a problem with a product you've purchased, you have two years to file a complaint. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to a price reduction, a refund of your money, or the goods being repaired or replaced. It goes without saying that this is assuming that the allegation is true. The Sale of Products Act states that all products have a 24-month window for filing complaints. Customers have the right to complain if they discover flaws or inadequacies in a product up to 24 months after they make the purchase. Yet, it is essential that these flaws weren't introduced as a result.

Once you've identified the error or deficiency, you have a fair amount of time to make a complaint. The complaint will always be regarded as timely filed if it is submitted within two months. If the goods is returned because of a valid complaint, we will reimburse you for any reasonable shipping charges.

If you wish to file a complaint about a product, you can return the product by mail or bring it in person to our address. You are responsible for the delivery and while returning the product it is your responsibility to ensure that all the items are packaged securely.

If you wish, you can lodge a complaint using You can also file a complaint on European Commission's online portal - - which is particularly relevant for all customers residing in another EU country. In order to use this form, you will need to enter our e-mail address:


Please keep in mind to wipe off all passwords, accounts, and personal information before returning a phone or tablet to us if you want to ask for a refund or make a complaint about one you bought from us.

Moreover, remember to take out your SIM card and memory card (we cannot be held responsible for these).

Be sure your iCloud account, "Find my phone," and/or "MI account" have been wiped from the device if you are returning an Apple product.

If you have already deleted any passwords, sensitive information, and accounts, you don't necessarily need to reset the device to factory settings (such as your Google Account, iCloud Account, Find My iPhone, etc.)

For us to process your complaint, you must adhere to all of these conditions.


If you are dissatisfied with a purchased smartphone, you should describe the issue in as much detail as you can. You must contact us and include a return form with a thorough description of the error and any problems you encountered. In order for us to properly handle your complaint, please provide as much information as you can, such as the conditions under which the issue becomes apparent, if it occurs regularly or only occasionally, etc.

-The product you wish to return must be sent back in pristine condition; headphones are especially subject to this requirement (which should not harbour any bodily material). A service fee of up to 80 GBP will apply if the returned item is dirty. It must be shipped with all of the original accessories (cables, charger, etc.) and a copy of the delivery note or receipt that contains the IMEI number.

-Emailing us evidence, such as images or videos, to show the problem is not required, but doing so makes the process of handling and resolving your complaint easier and faster.

- It should be noted that battery capacity starts to decrease six months after the date of purchase. This is completely normal as the battery is utilised and worn down over time as a result of frequent charging, intensive use, and use. If you don't use/charge the item according to the manufacturer's directions, these variables could potentially slow it down.

- Loss/pressure damage, moisture/liquid damage, non-recoverable / confirmed faults or mistakes brought on by improper usage, unauthorised opening of the item, or use of third-party accessories or software are not covered by warranty or complaint rights.

-The equipment may need to be repaired for up to 60 business days.
Visit this page for additional information about your rights as a consumer and those of us who are retailers:

- The seller must be contacted right away so that the problem can be reported. It is always regarded as fair to report an error within two months of its discovery.
The item must be repairable by the merchant you exchanged with.
No matter when you report the problem, you are responsible for demonstrating that a mistake actually exists. Depending on the type of fault that is present, there are many approaches to accomplish this.

For instance, if you just bought a brand-new phone and it won't turn on, you should let the vendor look into the problem.

- Inside the UK, the complaint process takes at least two years.

- Although you are free to report any product problems, the seller is only liable for those that existed at the time the item was purchased.
An first mistake may not always be immediately apparent.
Even if an issue shows up after the purchase, it may still be regarded as an initial error.
The seller is not liable for mistakes brought on by misuse, improper handling, accidents, or other similar circumstances.
Unless otherwise specified, errors that happen within six months of dispatch are considered to have been present at the time of delivery.
The customer must be able to demonstrate that the error was present at delivery and that this is a so-called original if the error only becomes apparent later.

- The seller has the right to first make an effort to fix the issue. This means that while buying products, the seller must be given the option of replacing the item or delivering a another, similarly valuable item. You have to provide the vendor the opportunity to make things right if there is a service failure. So, without giving the seller a chance to try and fix the problem, you cannot demand that a transaction be cancelled and your money returned.

- The matter must be significant and extremely important to you for you to be granted the ability to revoke the purchase. Also, the vendor should have already made multiple unsuccessful attempts to remedy the problem. You may be eligible to reimbursement for any additional expenses you incurred as a result of the error. It is crucial that you can demonstrate the charges you have incurred, for instance by producing a receipt.

-If you and the seller cannot agree, in many cases you can appeal to the UK European Consumer Centre to seek a resolution.

Information aimed for B2B clients:

  • B2B Orders can only be approved if has proof of payment, or documentation showing that the whole money has been transferred to the company's account.

  • B2B clients do not have a 30-day cancellation or return period.

  • B2B clients are required to inspect the products as soon as they are delivered and get in touch with if they have any complaints. If defects are not described when received, they cannot be reported afterwards. If a product has a concealed defect, the consumer must notify us by sending an email to A year warranty is available to B2B clients from the date the invoice was issued. We will replace or fix defective goods, however the one-year guarantee will not be extended in certain circumstances. While we will replace or repair damaged products, in some cases the one-year guarantee will not be extended.

  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client, however they will be reimbursed if the complaint is valid and the charge falls within acceptable bounds.


The following terms and conditions apply if a consumer wants to fix their device:



1. Use our website to find the type of repair you require. You can request diagnostics be done if you are unsure of what is wrong with your device.

2. Use our website to place a repair order and make payment. An order confirmation with an order number will be sent to you in a few seconds. This confirmation should be included in the package.

3. Carefully package your device and send it to the following address:

Mobilapz, 4 Lord Street, Wrexham, LL11 1LG, UK

The shipment is under the sender's control (that it is packed responsibly, does not disappear or become damaged in transport). We advise sending your equipment in a package so the goods forwarder can secure the contents. It must be able to be delivered directly to our address because we are unable to pick it up.

We carry out the repairs requested by or those for damage detailed on the Repair form. Only with the customer's approval will any additional repairs be made.


When shipping an item for repair, accessories
Please refrain from sending extra equipment like SIM or memory cards, covers, chargers, etc. is not liable for misplaced accessories.

Time for Repair
Although offers a quick and effective service, customers should be prepared for longer repair times during extremely busy times.

Shipment / Dispatch
The device must be shipped to by the customer. suggests shipping the device with a Track and Trace number in order to ensure that it is insured during delivery and to enable tracking. There will be no insurance and no way to trace your cargo if a device is just dropped into a mailbox. Therefore, it is strongly urged
that you do not send the unit via regular mail. Unless otherwise specified, the items will be returned to the sender's address after being repaired.

Spare Parts

Wherever feasible, always uses authentic spare parts. When original replacement parts are not readily available, always employs high-quality replacement parts (Grade A or OEM). This indicates that replacement parts are of same quality to original parts.

Disclaimer regarding the absence of replacement parts

The availability of spare parts may have an impact on the repair times mentioned in the disclaimer. The majority of the spare components required are kept in stock at in a large variety. It is still possible that some parts will go out of stock, and the client's device will only be able to be fixed once the part is back in stock.


There are some measures must take in respect to the repairs to be made because we want to service our clients as soon as feasible. Devices arriving for repairs are frequently dropped or damaged in other ways. It's possible that this damaged components besides the ones that needed repair.

Before doing repairs, is unable to diagnose equipment. This is done in order to serve consumers as rapidly as possible, according to This is the same reason we ask the customer to understand that the liability and warranty only covers the specific method and replacement part used to fix the unit's damage. always provides a quote (price) for any further repairs to the unit if it gets a unit that is not covered by a guarantee. Upon presentation of a valid invoice, the repair warranty is good for six months.

Important - water damage:

The website stresses that not all water-damaged phones can be fixed. Your phone may have had irreplaceable components that were harmed by water. This could imply that the phone won't function properly once more or that it will eventually quit working. Because of this, we are unable to guarantee water damage repairs. You only have a guarantee on the spare part that was replaced, not the actual repair, if we replace a spare part linked to water damage.

When you complete the purchase of a repair, you the customer also accept the above conditions.

Manufacturer's warranty

The user acknowledges that any manufacturer's warranty on the product may expire after sending it to for repair. Once a device has been fixed, is not liable if the warranty is terminated.



Any malfunction, damage, or wear that is directly or indirectly brought on by abuse, negligent upkeep, violence, or tampering is not covered by the guarantee. Always notify of complaints about flaws or shortcomings within a reasonable amount of time after you become aware of them or should have become aware of them.


Backup of data

Before the device is delivered for repair, the customer is responsible for backing up any important data. While makes every effort to preserve any data on the client's device, it cannot be held responsible for any data loss resulting from repairs.


Individual Details does not transfer, sell, or otherwise make available any personal information it collects to outside parties. At, all information is securely saved and only accessible to trusted staff members. requests a multitude of contact details, such as name, phone number, and email address, when customers purchase repairs. The only purpose for which this data is utilised is to send the order. The data is decrypted and archived for five years, either electronically or on paper.


You consent to the Terms and Conditions by completing and submitting the electronic order form. Once you receive an email with a shipment confirmation, your order will be considered accepted by us. Before shipping, if your order is denied for any reason, your transaction will be rejected and no money will be deducted from your account (if the payment is made by a credit card). In all other cases, the whole amount will be returned to your account right away in the same way it was originally received. The dispatch confirmation email we sent you does not constitute a binding contract between you and for any goods on the same order that we have not verified. You have the right to end the contract by sending us a message stating that you would want to cancel your order if is unable to fulfil the 30 day deadline to deliver the items you have bought (in compliance with DSRs and ECRs). In that situation, the purchase will be cancelled and your card won't be charged anything. The language of the contract between you and is English.

You should anticipate a response to your email sent to one of our email accounts within 24 hours. An automatic replay that verifies that or alerts you to potential changes will be sent to you (should they be made).

FRAUD will not put up with any attempts to purchase things using another person's name. Fraud will be brought to the attention of the proper authorities. Please be aware that when you place an order online, Internet host IP addresses are logged.

Minors cannot place any orders without a parent or legal guardian's approval. A parent or legal guardian must grant their permission before a youngster can divulge any information. When a minor orders, the cardholder must always be ready to provide information.

According to the general principles of UK law, is liable for any personal injury or property damage brought on by its products and services. However, is not liable for any of the following: operating losses, lost productivity, lost profits, or any indirect damages. b) losses brought on by mistakes in goods or services offered by parties other than, such as electricity, telecommunications, and internet service providers, even if these goods and services are combined with, linked to, or otherwise associated with goods from c) losses brought on the improper use of a product or service offered by

If a mistake is made, we reserve the right to update the order to reflect the correction, cancel the transaction at any time, and/or correct the error on our website. Although we have the right to do so without prior notice, we promise to keep the prices in place at the time you placed your order. Tax adjustments, price and proofreading issues, etc. could affect prices. expressly disclaims any liability for typographical errors, pricing errors, changes in VAT and other taxes, and missed deliveries. The illustrations that appear on our pages may not accurately depict the actual products.

DROP SHIPPING - Please click here

Although every attempt has been taken to make these guides as accurate and comprehensive as possible, no implied warranty of fitness is offered. The supplied details are given "as is." disclaims all duty and responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from the use of the information contained in these guidelines. Any attempt by the reader to carry out a mobile or tablet DIY repair is done at the reader's own risk even if has made every effort to ensure that the instructions offered in these guides are thorough and accurate. The slightest error during disassembly or reassembly could cause additional harm to the item or cause it to be destroyed, even when our instructions are meticulously followed. Furthermore, any attempt to fix your equipment immediately nullifies any possible warranties you may have.

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